Even a small increase in movement is worth it – tips for finding a pleasant way of moving

Student Union – SHS

Author: Marika Syväoja 

Health exercise specialist, UniSport 

Leader of the Liikkuva Yliopistolainen project 

Even a small increase in movement is worth it – tips for finding a pleasant way of moving 

Would you like to start exercising, but you don’t know which form of exercise is right for you? Read here for tips on finding a pleasant way of moving. 

When starting a new exercise hobby, you should think about which form of exercise you like. After what kind of exercise have you felt the best? In order for exercise to become a regular habit, exercise should produce a good feeling and state of mind. Feeling good encourages you to continue your hobby, and it’s easier to reserve time for it in the calendar. The relationship with movement can develop into a positive one, even if previous experiences with movement were negative. 

Exercise doesn’t always mean sweating, but you can start with small steps. You can start by adding movement to your everyday life, for example by choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, by cycling or walking to university and work, and by taking breaks. A small exercise break or a walk in the middle of the day cheers you up and helps you cope, especially when studying, when you sit a lot at the terminal. A good form of exercise is walking in nature, which at the same time improves mood and affects cognitive functions such as concentration and memory. It is good to gradually increase exercise while listening to your body in order to maintain motivation. 

Do you want variety in every exercise session or are you motivated by long-term and goal-oriented exercise? Do you want to move in a group or alone? Sports centers offer a wide range of services. If you need a change and like to exercise in a group, group exercise classes are a good way to maintain motivation. Varying instructors and the contents of the classes make the exercise classes interesting and always different. Fitness enthusiasts of all levels are welcome to the group classes, and you can do the exercises according to your fitness level. Gym training can be done to maintain muscle condition, but it also enables more goal-oriented training. Ball sports are a great way to exercise in a group. One motivator can also be starting an exercise hobby or trying a new sport with a friend or fellow student. 

There are numerous options for movement, and you can try them out to find a form of movement that suits you. The most important thing is that you choose the form of exercise based on your own starting points and according to your own preferences, and realize that even a small increase in activity has positive effects.