Results of the Student Council Elections 2022!

At the CVN meeting 4/22 the votes for the Student Council Election 2022 were tallied. The election was held 25.10-26.10, with a pre-vote 21.10-25.10. A total of 899 persons voted, which resulted in an election percentage of 38%. The following persons have been elected as regular respectively substitute members:

NameMemberElectoral UnionVotesLottComparative number
Ville RuokonenRegularHelsinki Electoral Union68 690
Ida HavuntaRegularHelsinki Electoral Union56 345
Selma LumioRegularHelsinki Electoral Union43 230
Tobias HolmbergRegularVaasa Electoral Union99 197
Cecilia DahlbergRegularHelsinki Electoral Union41 173
Emma LindvallRegularHelsinki Electoral Union40 138
Rasmus GustafssonRegularHelsinki Electoral Union35 115
Emilia WinqvistRegularHelsinki Electoral Union33 98,6
Julia ThermanRegularVaasa Electoral Union40 98,5
Mia KlemettiRegularHelsinki Electoral Union30 86
Anton MattssonRegularHelsinki Electoral Union30 77
Emil CreutzRegularHelsinki Electoral Union29 69
ohannes LövdahlRegularVaasa Electoral Union30 66
Emma JoutsilaRegularHelsinki Electoral Union29 63
Pia BlomqvistRegularHelsinki Electoral Union28 58
Sofie ErikssonRegularHelsinki Electoral Union27 53
Jesper RajakangasRegularHelsinki Electoral Union26 49
Emilia SparfRegularVaasa Electoral Union28 49
Nicolina MassaRegularHelsinki Electoral Union20 46
Akseli AhvenainenRegularHelsinki Electoral Union19lott43
Richard HelsingiusSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union19lott41
Noel RönnbergSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union18 38
Oskar EskmanSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union16 36
Jonatan StenbergSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union13lott35
Hampus NordinSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union13lott33
Ellen LönnqvistSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union12lott31
Valtter KivinenSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union12lott30
Aliisa LundénSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union12lott29
Frida WinbergSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union12lott28
Adeliina ParikkaSubstituteHelsinki Electoral Union9 27
Jenna LampinenSubstituteIndependent Candidate12 12

The Student Council 2022/2023 will have their constitutive meeting on Thursday 10.11 at 16.00. The Central Election Commission congratulates all candidates and thanks everyone that voted!