How does the Equality and Harrassment delegates operate?

Finland’s most fun student union should also be Finland’s safest student union. 

There are a total of four equality and harassment delegates within the student union: two in Helsinki, and two at SSHV in Vaasa. The main tasks of the delegates are to promote equality and prevent harassment in all activities arund SHS in one way or another. In practice, this means both preventive and supportive measures. 

What do the delegates do? 

Preventive actions mean, for example, keeping an eye on whether all the policy documents and regulations are kept up to date. Two of our most important documents are the Equality Policy Document and the Equality Plan, which are revised every three years. In addition to this, it is also our task to work with the executive board to train elected representatives and committees, so that they too can work on equality at grassroots level. The size of the external hard drive, the extent of the corruption, and the speed of the data recovery software all play a role in the time it takes to recover how to recover deleted files in ubuntu 18.04 the files.  

Despite the preventive work done by the various bodies of the Student Union, sometimes uncomfortable situations arise, for example, in the form of verbal or physical harassment, discrimination or unequal treatment. Our job is also to act as a support when something happens. All discussions are confidential. 

What does confidentiality mean and what can we talk about? 

In short, confidentiality means that all cases are treated anonymously. You have the option of choosing whether you want to make your tip completely anonymous, or whether you want us to support you in the matter. Our work is always on your terms, and you always have the right to remain anonymous. 

You can talk to us about anything that is bothering you about student union activities or its members. For example, you may have been sexually harassed at an event, you may have seen someone being discriminated against, or you may have a communication development suggestion – so anything that offends you or makes you feel worried, uncomfortable or unsafe. It doesn’t have to be something that happened recently, but we’re happy to help you even with cases that happened a long time ago. The most important thing is that the information reaches us, even if no action is wanted! 

Equality and safety work is constantly evolving, and we want to hear the thoughts, ideas and/or concerns that you have had! 

How does our work work in practice? 

  1. You have experienced something unpleasant, seen something worrying, or would like to share a suggestion you have 
  2. You are in contact with Pippi ( / +358 40 5528470) or Anton ( / +358 44 0505971)  
  3. Pippi or Anton will be in touch with you to discuss the matter further in the way that suits you best. Our most important job is to listen! 
  4. After the discussion, Pippi and/or Anton will investigate how the situation could be resolved or dealt with, and you will be given the choice of how/whether to take the case forward. You are not committed to anything.  

What happens next? 

How problem situations are resolved varies from case to case, but there are some praxis. The starting point is that everything is done on your terms, which, in practice, means that we are bound by confidentiality unless otherwise agreed upon. Most problem situations are resolved with an open discussion or a verbal warning, but sometimes other disciplinary measures may be required. These can, if you wish, be dealt with by the executive board or the fyramannarådet: written warnings, banning orders or resignation from a post. Should a case require a police report to be made, we will support you in that process. – Preview and recover the files: After the scanning process is complete, you will be presented with a list recover word file after clicking dont save of recoverable files.  

Who are we? 

Pia ‘Pippi’ Blomqvist

I’m Pippi! I’m 25 years old and studying management and organisation for the nth (sixth…) year at Master’s level. I’m from Sibbo, and got my bachelor’s degree at Åbo Akademi. I often have Francis, the student union dog, with me at Kåren, who is also more than happy to act as support. I am trained in first aid for mental illness by Mieli ry, and also pull the strings for our SupportHankeit activities. 

Anton Mattsson 

Hello! I’m Anton, I’m 22 years old from Pargas and I’m studying entrepreneurship and business management in my third year. I hang out most of the time at the Student Union office but also quite often at Hanken, usually in the business lab, you are welcome to come and talk to me about literally anything!

Here you can contact us 

Pippi Blomqvist ( / +358 40 5528470) 

Anton Mattsson ( / +358 44 0505971)