Meeting summary

Summary of Executive Board meeting 26/2022


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 26/2022

Place: Microsoft Teams

Time: 7.9.2022 kl 12.00


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton Mattsson, Selma Lumio and William Sundell

Emma Lindvall 

Meeting opened by chairman Winqvist at 12:02.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The board decided that board members Havunta and Holmberg will represent the SHS at Prodeko’s annual ball, members Mattsson, Nordin, and Winqvist will represent at Preemio’s annual ball, and members Blomqvist and Havunta will represent at MPPK’s annual ball
  • The board decided to reschedule two upcoming board meetings. The meeting on the 21st of September will be moved to 9.00 and the meeting on the 28th of September to 12.00. 
  • The board decided to nominate to the Student council the following delegation to the General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland: Emilia Winqvist, Jennifer Holmberg, and Ida Havunta, and as substitutes Pia Blomqvist, Selma Lumio, and Emma Lindvall.
  • The board nominated representatives to the Education Council and Academic Council, as well as the University Collegium
  • The board announced a vacant substitute spot in the Department Council for Finance and Economics
  • The board has decided to grant Casa Nostra exemption from the usual time limitations concerning the use of Student Union spaces during the Freshmen Dinner on the 10th of September’

Notification matters

  • Chairman Winqvist announced that the board represented the SHS at the SSHV’s Freshman Initiation
  • Chairman Winqvist announced that the board had for the first time had a meeting with Hanken’s new rector Ingmar Björkman over a cup of espresso

Other matters

No other matters

The board’s activities


Student Council meeting 6/2022

Attended Hanken Helsinki Inscription

Meeting with Ingmar about the activities of the Student Union

Attended the SSHV intagning

Emilia Winqvist

Written speechto  inscriptions

Went to Vaasa for their inscription

Met international students in Vaasa

Meeting with Ida

Back to Campus meeting

Preparations for board meeting

Met gensek candidate

Communication with presidium

Support Association meeting

Contact with Niord about their board meeting

Fixed salaries

Handled financial management

Managed Gensek’s e-mail and other tasks

Contact with union members

Discussed union meeting matters

Supported board members in their work

Pippi Blomqvist

Distributed academic year stickers in the union room at Hanken 

Planned Welcome Back event with Hanken 

Enjoyed Monday ice cream at kåren 

Duties of the Secretary General

Conveyed SHS greetings to FSHS

Recruitment efforts 

Work on the well-being survey 

Held a meeting for the committee of social affairs 

Represented the delegates at the Amazing Race 

Ida Havunta

Sitting in “Kårens koppi” and handing out academic year stickers

Recruitment efforts

Helped with the well-being survey

Responded to emails and other ongoing UPO stuff

Meeting with Emmi

William Sundell

Held the first meeting of the semester with the Business Committee. Afterwards a AW was held at Mr. Don

Planned and organized the kickoff meeting for the overall team

Organizing ahead of HND

Contemplated about the Summer Jobs Night event

Selma Lumio

Meetings with Hanken regarding the Welcome back event

Meeting regarding cooperation with Rekom

Attended Hanken’s inscription

Held a meeting with other student organizations regarding the common upcoming events

Met up with the committee presidents

Heller with the well-being survey

Hampus Nordin

Managed the booking calendar

Handed out keys

Fixed three broken tables

Jennifer Holmberg

Participated and performed at the opening of the academic year

Sitting in “Kårens koppi” and handing out academic year stickers

Headhunted candidates for our delegation at the SYL assembly  

Day-to-day tasks and the never-ending inbox 

Anton Mattsson

Acted as secretary of the meeting and completed the protocolls

Designed materials for social media and updated the website

Signed contract for rental of facilities

Received and went through the union office with those who will fix the floors

Collected material for the newsletter

Walked through and checked spaces after the weekend

Had a meeting with Emilia about CVN marketing and visibility before the council elections

Distributed academic year stickers in the union cup 

Represented the equality and harassment delegates at the Amazing Race

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