Meeting summary


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 14/2022

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 20.4.2021 kl 10.00


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, William Sundell, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton Mattsson, Selma Lumio, Sinéad Obrey

Emma Lindvall

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided to postpone the election of the President of Centralvalsnämnden until the next meeting
  • Decision to introduce contracts for the reservation of the Union’s facilities
  • Consideration of the Theatre Club’s club application
  • Granting of a project grant to Casa Nostra
  • Discussion on SHS participation in Pride

Notification matters

The Executive board’s activities


Meeting on spaces with the President

Arrangements of Tradbörs 

Attended Evening School with the Student Council

Participated in Pikku Laskiainen

Participated in Toppmöte with TF, Codex and Thorax

Emilia Winqvist

Contact with Niord about takeovers

Information from the Ekonomerna on their new communication plan

Worked on lease agreement for spaces

Matters concerning the financial statements and annual report

Planning of NCBE

Matters with Ekonomerna regarding NCBE

Contact with Hanken on ekonombrevs utdelning

Contact with other presidents of associations

Worked on the revision of the statutes

Checked matters with OP

Helped union members with various matters

Contact with the president regarding various events

Anton Mattsson

Put together and sent out the newsletter

Designed a overall patch for the “Huvudämneskväll”

Designed some posts

Updated the website and social media

Selma Lumio

Supervised IHD’s Glow Party Sitz

Planned for Pride

Planned and prepared Vappu arrangements

Helped student union members with various matters

William Sundell

Had a meeting with a company about a future event

Meetings with committees about their spons search

Investigated old and new invoices to companies

Hampus Nordin

Managing the booking calendar

Represented at the ÅSFH 30th annual ball

Changed a lightbulb in one of the toilets at Kåren

SESS Board of directors meeting

Supervised at the IHD Glow party sitz

Planned acquisitions of new cleaning equipment for our spaces

Vacation on Åland during easter aka Finland’s Ibiza

Ida Havunta

Fixed Huvudämneskväll for the first year students 

Interviews for Equis 

UPO fix, meetings & mails

Weekly meetings 

Pippi Blomqvist 

Creation of campaign material: The day of mental health issues for students 

Training: Mental Health First Aid 1 

Weekly meetings 

Recruitment of the Committee of Social Affairs and planning of the first meeting

Jennifer Holmberg

Meeting with Elise from Hanken about sustainability focus groups and students’ input on Hanken’s sustainability work

Weekly meeting with the advocates

Walk-through of the Casa kitchen with PK

WSC meeting with the communications team

Represented at Nylands Nation’s annual ball

Planned the next IBU meeting

HOAS meetings and planning the work to find a new representative in the HOAS board

SHS facilities discussions and taking part in the creating of an contract 

Participated in the conference Forum for decision makers at universities 

Day-to-day stuff