Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 38/2021


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 38/2021

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 24.11.2021 kl 10:00


Emma lindvall, Emilia Winqvist, Anton Nilsson, Alexandra Eriksson, Daniel Hasselström, Emilia Donner, Sebastian Ståhlberg

The meeting was opened at 10:03.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The Board gave rights to the bank services of the Student Union to the new Secretary General.
  • The Board made the decision to introduce corona passports for the Student Union’s events in accordance with the new decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency.. The Board will give further instructions to committees and clubs.
  • The Board approved a project grant application by the Education Committee.
  • The Board granted a exceptional permit to Casa Nostra for Gamylen.

Notification matters

  • The first Overalls party at Heidi’s was organised yesterday 23.11
  • The delegation of SHS consisting of Sebastian Ståhlberg, Alexandra Eriksson, Emma Lindvall, Emilia Donner, Oscar Byman and Emilia Winqvist participated in the General Assembly of SYL 18-20.11 in Korpilampi.
  • Karlsson participated at the General Assembly of  Suomen Ekonomit 19-20.11 in Helsinki.
  • The new Secretary General of SHS Sinéad Obrey is taking part of her first official Board meeting.
  • Ståhlberg and Hasselström reached 48 bounces with the  volley ball at Kåren.

Activities of the Executive Board


Daniel Karlsson 

  • Represented SHS on the Finnish Business School Graduates’ Union Conference
  • Participated in a meeting with the KPV-network in regards to the Finnish Business School Graduates’ Union Conference
  • Participated in a meeting with Hanken’s action group regarding guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic
  • Held a schooling for the Secretary General
  • Administrative tasks and other correspondence

Emma Lindvall

  • Work with the business plan for 2022
  • Meeting with the responsible of Educational Affairs at SSHV
  • Preparations for and been at SYL’s General Assembly
  • Preparations for and held meeting 8/2021 for the Education Committee
  • Student advocacy briefing with the responsible for Social and Academic Affairs in the Board

Alexandra “Axu” Eriksson

  • FSF
  • Förbundsmöte
  • Hoas
  • Möte med Matti Tujula angående det aktuella inom Hoas
  • Övervakat på halarutdelningen

Sebastian Ståhlberg

  • General assembly
  • World Student Capital
  • OLL
  • Liikkuva kk

Emilia “Domppa” Donner

  • Participated in the General Assembly of SYL
  • Planned and held a BC meeting
  • Planned the activities of the BC until the end of the year
  • Started the recruitment process of BC 2022
  • Had a takeover on the BC Instagram account
  • Had contact with old and potential partners, e.g. UniSport, Talenom, Nordea, EY and Lime Technologies
  • Had contact with tutors and freshmen regarding the overalls

Daniel Hasselström

  • Planned upcoming events in the Student Union 
  • Have had meetings with several committees regarding their upcoming events this fall
  • Planned and attended meetings regarding the student’s independence torchlight parade that will take place on 6.12.2021. I booked the sound system and electricity to the Helsinki Senate Square during the torchlight procession and also fixed 2 guards and one traffic coordinator for the event.
  • Coordinated project grant applications
  • Had a meeting with PK where we planned Gamylen
  • Been in contact with NHHS and Sasse and planned upcoming joint events
  • Participated and fixed the first Halarkalas at Heidi’s this fall 

Emilia Winqvist

  • Participated in the SYL’s General Assembly
  • Started Happening at SHS on Hanken’s info screens
  • Discussed Hanken’s CSR position paper
  • Marketed various recruitments and events
  • General tasks on SHS’s social media
  • Answered questions that came to
  • Worked at SHS digital archives
  • Helped with various website related matters e.g. protocol
  • Prepared training for the new General Secretary for the use of e.g. the website
  • Had meetings regarding Sisu with Hanken and coordinated the marketing of it

Anton Nilsson

  • Coordination of bookings during the autumn and for the coming spring
  • Training in sound and light systems.
  • New  offer for a strobo and sound system to Femman and Legenda.
  • Booking cleaning.

The meeting was concluded at 10:22 am by vice Chairman Lindvall.