Meeting summary

Summary of the Student Council meeting 10/2021

Summary of Student Council meeting 10/2021
Place: The teachers’ lounge at Hanken in Helsinki, V106 at Hanken in Vaasa and SHS Student Council Teams

Time: Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 5 PM

The meeting was opened by chair of the meeting Petteri Tuokila at 17:01.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • President of the Grand Committee Fanny Kesti was granted the right to speak during this term of office
  • The Student Council elected Mikael Söderlund as the student union’s auditor and Rolf Nyberg as deputy auditor
  • The Student Council elected Anton Nilsson and Chair of the Executive Board 2022 as ordinary members of the inventory panel and Daniel Karlsson and the responsible for Administration and Maintenance 2022 as deputy members of the inventory panel
  • The Badges and Grants Committee was elected with the following persons: Inspector Markus Wartiovaara, Curator Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld, Chair of the Executive Board 2022, Daniel Karlsson, Daniel Hasselström, Felix Anderson, Emilia Sparf, Fanny Hindsberg, Karin Wasström, Eliott Tallqvist, Ville Ruokonen and William Sundell
  • The election of the Curator for the student union was postponed until the next Student Council meeting
  • The Student Council rejected the proposition for the Executive Board 2022 and appointed Emilia Winqvist as Former of the Board 2022 and decided to remit the matter back to the Former of the Board 2022