Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 27/2021


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 27/2021

Place: SEB- Student Union, Sanuddsgatan 7A, Second floor & Microsoft Teams

Time: September 8th at 10AM

Attending: Daniel Karlsson, Anton Nilsson, Alexandra Eriksson, Sebastian Ståhlberg, Emilia Donner,Emilia Winqvist, Emma Lindvall, Kristiane Width

The meeting was opened by Chairman Karlsson at 10:02 AM

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The Executive Board elected their proposed members to the SYL General Assembly that will take place in Espoo, November 19th-20th. The matter will be decided by the Student Council at their next meeting, November 14th at 5PM
  • Approved Casa Nostras project grant
  • Decided to allow Patria to sponsor the SHS overalls for this year
  • Elected Nicole Gustafsson as student represenative for the Department of Finance and Economics
  • Approved special permission to the Exchange Committee for an interal afterparty in the fifth floor Sauna

Activities of the Executive Board can be found here

  • Other matters: none

Closing of the meeting:

The meeting was closed by Chairman Karlsson at 10:30AM