Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 14/2021

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 14/2021

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 14.04.2021 at 10.00AM

The meeting was opened by Chairman Karlsson at 10.01AM


Daniel Karlsson, Anton Nilsson, Emma Lindvall, Daniel Hasselström, Alexandra Eriksson, Sebastian Ståhlberg,Emilia Donner,Emilia Winqvist Kristiane Width

Notifications matters: 

  • The first ever online IHD week has officially launched. 
  • Board members have donated blood to the Red Cross Blood Center and encourage SHS members to do the same, in association with the upcoming Wellness Week at the Student Union.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The SHS Executive Board approved permission for the Vappen Team to use the Student Union’s spaces (Casa) for the following dates: 16.4,, 27-30.4
  • The SHS Executive Board has granted a project grant to Alexandra Eriksson, member of the Executive Board, in order to fulfill and organise events for theupcoming Wellness Week 

Activities of the Executive Board:

  •  Meeting with Hanken’s Rector

Daniel Karlsson

  • Meeting with UF where among other SHS’ application for a grant to renovate the Casa’s kitchen was approved.
  • Meeting with KPV (The Finnish Business School Graduates’ interest group for Presidents of student unions and subject associations for business students in Finland).
  • Presented SHS and its activities for those participating in International Helsinki Days.
  • Meeting with fyramannarådet regarding the Freshman Committee’s set-up.
  • Worked on the student card and its future and had a meeting regarding that.
  • Participated in The Finnish Business School Graduates’ schooling for the union meeting in May.
  • Other correspondence and other smaller meetings.

Emma Lindvall

  • Planning a Campus Evening to help freshmen choose their major, the Facebook event is up
  • The survey about how students want their future education to look like is finished and will be published this week
  • Planned the fourth Education Committee meeting of the year
  • Planned schooling for and presentation of the Education Committee
  • Dealt with feedback from students
  • Looking for marketing students for a study circle for freshmen
  • The study circles in statistics are done and have gotten a lot of positive feedback! 
  • Helped Hanken find students who study different majors for a takeover on Hanken’s Instagram 
  • Still working on getting access to Hanken’s regulatory framework
  • Made social media content about how student can talk to regarding feedback or problems with their studies
  • Been in contact with Hanken about how contact details on their website could be more accessible so that students know who to contact in which matter 

Daniel Hasselström

  • Planned Vappen 
  • Filmed and edited Vappen sitz hype video
  • Fixed spons banner ti Havis Amandas lakitus 
  • Booked cranes for Havis Amandas lakitus 
  • Meeting with Zoan on a possible collaboration o a Havis Amanda greeting

Emilia Winqvist

  • Meeting with KYs communications responsible, we discussed how the year has been, tips and projects both parties have. 
  • First meeting with Hanken’s new Sustainability Group on coordination of sustainability work at Hanken
  • Been after a big amount of plates etc. that the Student Union had sponsored
  • Started a new concept called “Recap of the week” on instagram
  • Helped with marketing of social media events and made events on Facebook
  • Participated in the virtuel International Helsinki Days 2021

Emilia Donner

  • E-mailed with all cooperation partners and sent out newsletters
  • Coordinated with partners for vappen
  • Planned a marketing timetable for vappen
  • Made a sponsorship agreement with EY for vappen
  • Meeting with YSUB regarding a cooperation agreement with SHS
  • Meeting with Meltwater and planned their upcoming CotW
  • BC meeting
  • BC one-on-ones
  • Meeting regarding the transfer of AIESEC-SHS funds

Anton Nilsson

  • Membership survey: Still up and running, have done some more marketing to more responses.
  • Casa Kitchen: The offer has been approved by 2 of the 3 parts involved. When all the approvals have come the renovations starts. Have also applied for a grant from SESS for buying plates and glasses.
  • Rest of the student union facilities: Spring cleaning done. Take apart old furniture to make it easier to recycle it. Gotten a donation of plates and glasses

Alexandra Eriksson

  • Participated in NyytiTalk regarding mental illness
  • Had a meeting with Lydia regarding StödHankeit education and wellness week
  • Participated in coffee with StödHankeiter from both Vaasa and Helsinki
  • Advocacy with Emma and Sebastian
  • IBU plan made with Sebastian
  • Participated in YTHS webinar on mental illness and loneliness
  • Had a meeting with Daniel, Sebastian and Lydia from SSHV regarding the future of the student card
  • Coordinated and planned wellness week
  • Coordinated with partners before the wellness week

Sebastian Ståhlberg

  •  Membership survey: Tried to get more responses and done som marketing
  • Studycard discussions
  • IBU plan made
  • World Student Capital 
    • Invoices and bills
  • Blood donation Wellness week
  • Municipals election
  • International students
  • Yle X3M article

Other matters:

  • Board member Winqvist gave an update to the rest of the Executive Board about Hanken’s newly started sustainability group. The Student Union seeks to develop an active status in the group in order promote sustainable initatives at the University.

The Meeting was concluded at 10.15 am by Chairman Karlsson.