FSHS Enlargement information- Changes to your student health services starting 2021!

Hi Hanken student! Your health care services will change starting 1.1.2021. This means that FSHS will provide health care services for students in universities of applied sciences in addition to university students. Additionally, after the enlargement goes into effect, only degree students (i.e. not exchange students or PhD students) will have access to FSHS services. 

Due to the enlargement of FSHS, there will also be changes in their service model in order to guarantee that studetns have equal access to the health services provided. The new service model focuses on centeralizing services and enables a multiprofessional Responsibility Team for different students and their paths of study. FSHS will also increase their online services, to make it more feasible for you to get the help you need. Starting January 1st 2021, it is also going to be possible to use FSHS services year around on weekdays and one is able to use any of FSHS service locations. There will be 24 different service locations around Finland. More information about the enlargement can be found through this link:

The health care fee will be paid to KELA starting December of 2020. The health care fee will be paid twice a year, once for each semester, and the amount is 35,8€ per semester. You can also choose to pay the fees for the whole year at once. You have to pay the fee through Kela’s e-service on your own initiative (NOTE! It is obligatory for all attending bachelor and master students to pay the fee). You will not receive an invoice by mail. The due date for the Spring term 2021 fee is 31.1.2021- if you are attending Hanken for the Spring term 2021. More information about the payment, late payment fees and how you should act if you do not have access to Kela’s e-service, can be found here: (

Moreover, the current visit fees to health services at FSHS will be removed. However, note that there will be a penalty fee for unused or missed appointment times.