Meeting summary

Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 34/2020

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 34/2020
Place: Microsoft Teams
Time: 09.12.2020 at 11:32

Attending: Fanny Hindsberg, Nea Olsson, Filip Jägerroos, Eliott Tallqvist, Maisa Dyhr, Axel Toukkari, Kristiane Width, Oscar Byman, Joakim Kiuru

Meeting opened at 11:32 by Hindsberg

The Executive Board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

  • The board chose Ida Havunta as Hankeit of the Quarter
  • ÅFK was given permission to use SHS emblem
  • The board granted 200€ project grant to ÅFK
  • The board chose Taneli Immonen as president of the board at SESS
  • The board chose Alexandra Eriksson as representative in Unisport’s directorate for 2021

Board Member activities:

Common activities:

  • Planned and executed schooling for the new Executive Board
  • Prepared the operational plan and budget for 2021
  • Participated in meeting with the rector and decision makers at Hanken and the Student Council meeting

Fanny Hindsberg:

  • Participated in filming the students Independence greeting with the other student associations i the Capital region, written and given a speech at the filming
  • Infossesion with the Positive Impact Rating -team about the new questionnaire that will be distributed to Hanken students
  • Prepared and sent a meeting invitation to the scholarship committee with the secretary general Kristi

Oscar Byman:

  • Preparations for University collegium meeting 8.12
  • Participated in Kopokive
  • Helped Fanny with speeches, planning, texts

Eliott Tallqvist

  • In contact with alumni members of the SHS disciplinary committee
  • Preparations for UU 8/2020 meeting
  • Participated in CVS’s Digivisio 2030 webinar
  • Meeting with representative from HOTIT OPIT project regarding the Yoop-tool
  • Preparations and coordination for the University Collegium’s December meeting

Joakim Kiuru

  • Renewed the contract with SEB
  • Had a meeting with Hanken’s Corporate Relations team
  • Assisted with the recruitment of the 2021 Business Committee

Maisa Dyhr

  • Participated in Unisport’s meeting, YTHS HKI-Espoo bomeeting and YTHS’ information session
  • Worked with the SupportStudent project and informed SHS’ members of changes in YTHS’ fee
  • Coordinated the Joulupuu fundraising and helped with social media during the Holiday week

Nea Olsson

  • Last presidents subcommittee meeting, with both old and new presidents
  • feedback
  • “Holiday Week” – event
  • Training the new executive board
  • Students’ Independence Day Torchlight Procession

Filip Jägerroos

  • The whole Casa manual + mini manuals translated to English
  • Meeting with: the Housing Company, potential club to use KSO band room
  • Hanken table adventure with General secretary “Kristi”, the Student Union WC fixed
  • Cancellations of our bookings… (informing, practicalities)

Axel Toukkari

  • Coordinated shs social medias
  • Finetuned the english version on
  • Made a alumni video to gain more interest in becoming active in the student union

Other matters

  • SHS nomination for representative in WSC:s Executive Board will be Sebastian Ståhlberg as ordinary and Alexandra Eriksson as reserve
  • Covid-19-restrictions

The meeting ended at 11:45.