Meeting summary

Meeting abstract from the Student Council meeting 6/2019

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Summary of Student Council meeting 5/2019
Place: The teacher’s room, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki (Arkadiankatu 22) and room 106 Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa (Kirjastonkatu 16).
Time: 15.05.2019 at. 17.00
The meeting was opened by Student Council President Alina Anderson at 17:16.
The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • In absence of the Secretary General from the meeting, Christoffer Backlund is appointed as meeting secretary
  • The president and new members of the Elderly Council presented themselves.
  • Budget monitoring of Q2
  • The grand committee lead a discussion of the Student Union’s policy document

Other matters

  • Motion by Anton Nilsson presented: revision of the central election committee’s system, in regards to rewards.
  • It was decided that Alina Anderson and Melina Weckman will appoint a group to work on motion, with the requirement that one of the members will be from Vaasa.

Meeting ended at 19:35.