Annual Ball Dresscode & Etiquette

The Annual Ball is around the corner and the preparations are on! The Annual Ball is a formal event, meaning that the outfit is meant to be of highest formality and something that is worn at the most solemn events.
Below you will find everything that the festivities entail and how to dress correctly.

Academic decorations

With the formal outfit you are meant to wear a band that shows you which organisations you belong to, e.g. student union bands, nation’s bands and other union bands. All hankeits should wear the student union’s band that is sold at IB. The gentlemen attach the band inside their tailcoat, from the right shoulder down to the left side. The women wear the band like a bow and attach it on the left side close to the heart.
If you wear several ribbons or bows, they are to be worn in a “ranked” order, so that the student union’s band is at the top, then the nation’s band and other union bands at the bottom. Any honorary badges are worn on the left side unless otherwise specified for a specific badge.

Annual Ball Etiquette

The Solenn Act
The festivities begin with the Solenn Act which is the solemn part of the Annual Ball. During the Solenn Act other student unions and friend associations present their greetings to the student union. Remember not to applaud after the speech to the motherland and that the ladies shoulders should be covered. Do not go to the toilet or on a smoke break.

This is the time to mingle with other guests and to look at the seat placement. Ladie’s shoulders should still be covered.
The gentlemen should find their lady in good time and head to the tables when the marshals announce it is time for the dinner to start.

The Dinner
The dinner begins with the guests standing by their seats and the student unions banners are carried in. The guests of honor, who sit at the table of honor are the last people to enter the room. These guests are presented to the other guests in the room. When the hostess has sat down the other guests are allowed to take their seats. The gentlemen first help their lady to their seat and sit down after.
Once you’ve sat down at the table, you don’t get up until the main course has been carried out. This rule has no exceptions. When the lady wants to get ut, her gentleman helps her with her chair.

The song leader, in other words, the toastmaster, has a very important role at the Annual Ball. He decides what songs are sung and when. When the song leader speaks, all guests are silent, as well as when the marshal has the word or anyone holds a speech. When someone has the word it is also not polite to eat, but if you get thirsty you may discreetly sip on some water.
Here is everything you need to know for the best party in the universe!

See you at the Annual Ball!