Meeting summary

Summary of Student Council meeting 9/2017

Location: Teachers room, Hanken School of Economics (Arkadiagatan 22)
Time: 17:00
1 Opening of the meeting
The meeting started at 17:05
2 Accepting the legitimacy and decision making power as well as choosing the protocol adjusters and vote counters
The meeting was properly summoned.
Protocol adjusters and vote counters: Sara Teräsvasara and Janina Korhonen.
3 Confirmation of the meeting schedule
4 Election of meeting secretary in Swedish and English
Eliott Tallqvist was selected.
5 Information and discussion
The board’s information to the student council and questions to the board and individual board members
The board presented ongoing activity.
Separate student council members’ information to the student council.
Information​ ​from​ ​Vasa
Vasa presented ongoing activity
Questions to the board of SSHV
Information from the grand committee to the student council
The grand committee presented ongoing activity
The foundations information to the student council
The foundation presented ongoing acitivty
6 The Executive Board formers’ proposition for 2018
Attachment​ ​1:​ ​Executive Board formers’ proposition for the board of 2018
Henna Konsti: President
Ida Andersén: Strategy & International affairs: Ida Andersén
Amos Schalin: Administration and Maintenance
Melina Weckman: Communication
Christian Nygård: Academic- and Social Affairs
Edvard Björk: Business relationships and Projects
Filip Styrström: Educational affairs
Decision: Approved.
7 Election of the Exchange Committee presidents
Attachment​ ​2​ ​&​ ​3:​ ​Linn​ ​Beijars​’ ​and​ ​Jeanette​ ​Lindroos’​ application
Proposition: Linn Beijar and Jeanette Lindroos proposed as Presidents of the Exchange Committee
Decision: Approved
8 Election of the Media Committee president
Attachment ​4:​ ​Silja​ ​Lehtis​ ​application
Proposition: Silja Lehti proposed as President of the Media Committee
Decision: Approved
9 Election of the Elders Council president
Attachment​ ​5:​ ​Jerker​ ​Salokivis​ ​application
Proposition: Jerker Salokivi proposed as President of the Elders Council
Decision: Approved
10 Election of the Programcommittee president
Attachment​ ​6:​ ​Fanny​ ​Hindsbergs​ ​application
Proposition: Fanny Hindsberg proposed as President of the Programcimmittee
Decision: Approved
11 Election of the Sportcommittee president
Attachment​ ​7:​ ​Carljohan​ ​Erikssons​ ​application
Proposition: Carljohan Eriksson proposed as President of the Sportcommittee
Decision: Approved
12 Election of the Casa Nostra president
Attachment​ ​8:​ ​​ ​Erika​ ​Rambergs​ ​application
Proposition: Erika Ramberg proposed as President of Casa Nostra
Decision: Approved
13 Election of the Casa Nostra Treasurer
Attachment​ ​9:​ ​Filip​ ​Jägerroos​ ​application
Proposition: Filip Jägerroos proposed as Treasurer of Casa Nostra
Decision: Approved
14 The Grand Committee’s proposition for the premie- and stipendiet commission
Attachment​ ​10:​ ​The Grand Committee’s proposition for the premie- and stipendiet commision
Minna Martikainen, inspektor
Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld, kurator
Styrelseordförande 2018
Karri Lumivirta
Kenneth Nilsson
Lukas Lundin
Carl-Oscar Beijar
Robin Björklund
Mia Palmgren
Julius Tallqvist
Ida Andersén
Oscar Byman
Decision: Approved
15 Other matters
Evening forum Thursday the 23rd of November at 14:00.
16 End of the meeting
Meeting ended at 20:53.