Meeting summary

Summary of Student Council meeting 1/2017

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Summary of Student Council meeting 1/2017
Place: The teachers’ lounge at Hanken School of Economics (Arkadiagatan 22)
Time: 06.02.2017 at. 17.00
The meeting was opened by Student Council President Sofia Slotte at 16.04.
The following matters were addressed at the meeting:
Information and discussion
Information from the executive board:
Karri Lumivirta:
The board had their first meeting on the 1st of January. The areas of responsibilities are the same that were discussed on previous meetings.
Participated on the Kylteripäivät
Started new projects; and the renewal of the SHS regulations.
Mia Palmgren:
Started working on SHS brand launch
Petra Laiti
Started working with the social and health reform and municipal election.
Election panel for the municipal election on 15/3.
Alina Anderson:
Participated in the HOAS meeting
Participated in the FSHS meeting
Started working on the equality survey
Thomas Granholm:
Started working with the key system
Renewed the kitchen at Casa
Sofia Holm:
Participated at HOAS meeting and the educational meeting
Elected the lecturer of the year, will be announced at the Solenna Act at the annual bal
Matilda Saarinen:
Elected the new Business Committee, the first meeting will be held next week.
Stugan has opened
The business plan was approved.
A new webpage will be created this year
Capital has been invested by EVLI
National Union of University Students in Finland:
Presentation of the operations of 2017
Distribution of the small badge of merit
Rasmus Sinnemaa
Distribution of the large silver needle
Sarah Korhonen, Victoria Karlsson, Charlotta Horsma, Kenneth Nilsson, Mea Miettinen, John Fast, Robert Tenström and Elin Bergman
The friendship badge
Melina Weckman
Distribution of other grants
Filip Lindholm, Christina Schauman, Anna Lehtola, Filip Björklöf, Antonia Bäckman and Jerker Salokivi
SHS graphic profile:
Majken introduced the renewal of the SHS graphic manual.
The manual was approved after small alternations.
Election of the President of the Freshman Committee:
Julius Tallqvist.
The meeting was closed at 19.54.