Meeting summary

Summary of board meeting 9/2017

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Summary of board meeting 9/2017
Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu 7 A, II floor.
Time: 22.03.2017 at. 9.00
Karri Lumivirta
Sofia Holm
Petra Laiti
Tomas Granholm
Mia Palmgren
Alina Anderson
The meeting opened at. 9.07
The Executive Board decided the following during the meeting:
– The Executive Board chose a regular and a deputy to the Department Finance & Statistics
– Tomas Granholm  was granted the right to sign contracts in behalf of the Student Union
Other matters:
-Board member Saarinen has resigned from the board. Her resignation came to effect on Monday 20.3.2017
-An information session was organized for the members of the Student Union 21.3.2017
The meeting ended at. 9.17