Meeting summary

Summary of board meeting 22/2017

Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu 7 A, II floor.

Time: 29.09.2017 at. 13.00



Karri Lumivirta – Ordförande

Petra Laiti – medlem (närvarande till 12.21)

Alina Anderson – medlem

Tomas Granholm – medlem

Jens Nyström – medlem

The meeting opened at. 13.02


The Executive Board decided the following during the meeting:

The Executive Board elected Viktor Bondestam to the Hankeit of the Quarter.


The Executive Board granted Kaffe Klubben a Project Grant of 155€.


The Executive Board remitted HankenES application of Project Grant.


The Executive Board granted HankenES a Club Grant of 500€.


The Executive Board granted HankSki a Club Grant of 315€.


The Executive Board granted Ölsällskapet a Club Grant of 500€.

Other matters:

The Board is called on to adjust the protocol.


Statsvetenskapliga klubben vid Åbo Akademi has invited to the annual festival of 4.11.2017. Nyström and possibly another board member will participate.


Pörssi ry has invited to the annual festival 10.11.2017. We send a warm greeting.


Soc & Kom has invited to the annual celebration of 27.10. Nyström will participate.


Kadettitoverikunta has invited to tvärvetenskaplig kväll at 18.10. Granholm and Nyström will participate.


The Board has attended the SYL autumn seminar.


The Board has attended Hanken Network Day.


The board has represented on the gutis race.


Lumivirta has participated in the presidency meeting of Finlands Ekonomer in Riga


Lumivirta and Laiti have participated in the student councils’ kylteri event.


Anderson has begun preparing the day of well-being, which is scheduled for 11.10.


Laiti has launched her candidature to the FSF Board.


Granholm has arranged a party in collaboration with Codex and Thorax at Apollo.


Nyström has arranged a Club President’s meeting.


Nyström has received a report on the water leaks on the Student Union.


Holm and Palmgren represent at the moment at the Nordic Forum in Bergen.


Nygård has participated in the Hanken scholarship committee.


The meeting ended at. 14.01