Meeting summary

Summary of board meeting 2/2017

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Summary of board meeting 2/2017
Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu 7 A, II floor.
Time: 12.01.2017 at. 13.00
Present: Karri Lumivirta, Sofia Holm, Petra Laiti, Alina Anderson, Tomas Granholm, Mia Palmgren, Matilda Saarinen, Sofia Slotte, Alexandrine Lindstedt and Kenneth Mattsson
The meeting opened at. 8:03
The Executive Board decided the following during the meeting:
The Executive Board chose a president and a vice president to the Foundation for Swedish Economics Students.
The Executive Board gave out project contributions.
The Executive Board discussed unfinished club contributions from 2016 and decided not to give out a club contribution.
The executive board discussed and chose attendants for some invitations.
Lumivirta has participated in a meeting of the Presidents & Chairmen for Economics Students.
Laiti has participated in an electronic meeting of World Student Capital.
The meeting ended at 8:52.