Student representation

Student representatives

General matters (or if you are not sure whom to contact):

The Education Council (part of the Academic Council)

In short, the Education Council’s tasks are to develop and evaluate the education at Hanken, make decisions regarding the admission criteria for the bachelor’s- and master’s programs, made decisions regarding the approval of study plans and courses offered and to make decisions regarding the evaluation and approval of master’s theses.

Oscar Byman (Rebecca Laaksonen)
Emilia Winqvist (Fanny Kesti)
Lina Svensson (Robin Eriksson)

The University Council

The University Council has 18 members representing the different personnel groups at Hanken and the students. For instance, the Council appoints the external members of the Board, the auditors for the School and the Academic Council. It approves the financial statement and grants the Board and the rector a discharge from liability.

Fanny Hindsberg (Emilia Hattula)
Eliott Tallqvist (Iida Rautanen)
Nea Olsson (Ellen Wulff)
Taneli Immonen (Ingrid Bärlund)
Felix Anderson (Robin Eriksson)
Lina Svensson (Emilia Sparf)

The Department Councils

Hanken has four departments which are led by a prefect and a department council. The departments are for both campuses and the councils can be seen as a shareholder’s meeting for the departments. Matters handled by the council include the course offering, the hiring of new professors and research doctorates, the department budget and more.

The Department Council of Finance and Economics

Regular representatives:
Emilia Donner (Finance)
Nicole Gustafsson (Economics)
Robin Eriksson (Vasa)

Deputy representatives:
Jonas Madsén (Finance)
Emelie Holmqvist (Economics)
Alfred Söderman (Vasa)

The Department Council of Management and Organisation

Regular representatives:
Oscar Byman (Management and Organisation)
Robin Kanerva (Entrepreneurship and Organisation)
Camilla Lehtinen (Vasa)

Deputy representatives:
Anton Nilsson (Management and Organisation)
Eliott Tallqvist (Entrepreneurship and Organisation)
Felix Anderson (Vasa)

The Department Council of Marketing and Logistics

Regular representatives:
Oscar Grönlund (Marketing)
Lauri Aaltonen (Logistics)
Tilda Harju (Vasa)

Deputy representatives:
Anette Vartio (Marketing)
Cassandra Windell (Logistics)
Felicia Kaustinen (Vasa)

The Department Council of Accounting and Commercial Law

Regular representatives:
Frida Sande (Accounting)
Karolina Rosenberg (Accounting)
Lina Ollil (Vasa)

Deputy representatives:
Emma Blomster (Accounting)
Fanny Kesti (Commercial Law)
Frida Stenbacka (Vasa)

The Direction of the Centre for Languages and Business Communication: 

To organize the teaching of languages at Hanken, there is a Centre for Languages and Business Communication. The centre has a direction, that for instance makes drafts for the curriculum of the language courses and the budget for the centre. In the direction, we have one regular and one deputy student representative.

Timothy Tedestam (Lydia Nystén)

The Board of Hanken

The Board is the highest decision-making body of the School. It consists of 10 members, five of whom are employed by the School, four are external members while one represents the student body.

The Board decides on most issues of a strategic nature, such as the activity and economic plan as well as the budget. The Board is responsible for the economy of the School and the allocation of its funds. The Board must approve the performance agreement with the Ministry of Education. The Board appoints the Rector and decides on admissions.

Rasmus Sinnemaa