The Business Committee

The Business Committee

Contact: Emilia Donner

The Business Committee (NU) takes care of the student union’s cooperation with businesses and we function as the link between students and companies. In other words, our task is to help companies reach their potential workforce and to help Hanken students find their dream jobs. NU also makes sure that SHS members can utilize a series of student discounts through the SHS Benefits program.

Corporate collaborations can take place in a wide variety of different ways and we constantly develop new methods for students to get acquainted with their potential employers. Behind all of this is the Business Committee and it’s members.

As a member of NU, you get a great opportunity to strengthen your business skills while expanding your network with strong connections to Finland’s leading companies and of course other NU members. Members of the Business Committee gain experience in e.g. B2B negotiations and employer branding. You are also involved in arranging some of SHS’ biggest events such as Hanken Network Day.

You can find us on Instagram @naringslivsutskottet, LinkedIn SHS Business Committee and on Facebook @Näringslivsutskottet, The Business Committee. We are best reached through email at

The Business Committee 2021

Top row, from the left: obin Berntzen, Wilhelm Törrönen, Frida Sande, Sonia Hakala and Emelie Holmqvist. Middle row from left: Bottom row, from the left: Fanny Kesti, Sandra Isaksson, Emilia Donner (president), Jessica Holmberg och Emma Blomster. Bottom row from left: Robert Laukas, Oskar Eskman, Mikaela Löfström (vice ordf.), Jonas Madsén och Jere Henriksson.