The Program Committee consists of a president, a vice-president, and 19 cheerful students. We love organizing unique events, fancier dinners and other fun activities for students at Hanken. Since we are a relatively new committee, we have the chance to improve the range of different events for students, and to introduce brand new concepts at our student union. At the same time we also organize traditional events like Hanken Fashion Night and Skojrejs.

Hanken Fashion Night is a fashion show we organize during the spring, where students from Hanken work as models and display the latest styles. Skojrejs is a talent show where students perform with all kinds of talent. The performances range from song and dance to our own committees showing off their specialties! In addition to these events, we also arrange fancier dinners together with Hanken and UF. Come and enjoy some good food and even better company, and get to know us in the Program committee!

You can find more information about us and our ongoing events on our facebook-page and instagram (both @programkommitten). See you at our events!


Frida Sande