Exchange Committee

Exchange Committee

The Exchange Committee is part of the student union’s international wing. The committee contributes in making Hanken a international university by integrating the exchange students with Hanken’s student union (SHS). EC consists of 22 tutors and a president who work together in making the exchange students’ time at Hanken as memorable as possible!

EC organizes various events like pubcrawls, sitzes, company visits and sport events, which usually are open for all Hanken students. The committee also organizes trips to e.g., Tallinn, Stockholm, and Lapland. EC also offers the Buddy-program that brings Hankeits and exchange students together.

Other than organizing events and trips, EC takes part in many other events organized by SHS’ different clubs and committees, to ensure that the exchange students know what’s happening within the student union. Of course, the EC tutors are also there for different questions or challenges that may arise from the exchange students during their 4-9 month long exchange.

Since new exchange students arrive every autumn and spring, EC recruits new tutors for every semester. As an exchange student tutor, one gets to know and socialize with people from all around the globe, and make friends for life! 

If you have any questions about what we do or the events we organize, don’t hesitate to contact EC President Emilia Jansén, or any other tutor. All EC-tutors can be reached via email

Emilia Jansén 

Facebook: SHS Exchange Committee
Instagram: exchangecommittee