Annual Ball Committee

Annual Ball Committee

An important part of the student life in Finland is participating in the annual ball of the student union, the biggest and most grand party of the year. SHS annual ball is a prestige and traditional festivity where over 400 guests usually take part, making it the biggest SHS happening of the year. The annual ball is always on February 24th, no matter what weekday that is. The committee responsible for the annual ball is Årsfestkommittén, also called ÅFK, and consists of hostesses, marshals, and a head hostess or marshals that functions as the president of ÅFK.

The members of ÅFK are also hostesses or marshals for the student union, and in addition to the annual ball they also help with other events during the year. In the fall semester ÅFK is dedicated to plan the big ball by finding a place for the event, speakers, sponsors, music and so on. Other than that ÅFK acts as servers during some bigger events and organizes a dinner for the old and new student union board when they exchange responsabilities.

After the big annual ball it is time to focus on the next year to come with the choice of a new head hostess or marshal. After the president of ÅFK is chosen all members of the student union can apply for a place in next year’s ÅFK. If you are open, positive and have lots of ideas and inspiration in organizing festivities, we recommend ÅFK highly!

Please ask if there’s anything you wonder about the annual ball or ÅFK as a committee.

See you at the best party of the universe, the annual ball!