Källarkvällar was a word everyone knew a decade ago. An activity that everyone knew and that was close to Hankeiter’s heart. An event to gather at every other Wednesday to socialize, meet new people and enjoy good drinks. But the question that remains today is; what is a so called cellar night (Källarkväll) and who are the people you find behind the bar?

Down in Casa’s deepest cellar corner, a new organization was founded during the corona pandemic and they started calling Legenda, the Student union’s bomb shelter, their place. The organization consists of a few members of varying study ages. This enigmatic organization calls itself the Källargardet (KG) and follows in the footsteps of the defunct Källarrådet organization ( ← ceased operations almost a decade ago..).

Källargardet’s aim is to contribute to the well-being and community of the student union by organising Källarkvällar in Legenda, thus promoting SHS beer culture. This is done by organizing regular cellar nights, with OPEN BAR (!?) for all student body members. The Källargard is both bringing back old traditions and creating new ones by drawing inspiration from different directions. The sky’s the limit! So far we’ve seen events like the Beer Khalifa tournament and Oktoberfest, but also old classics like the 100 Club and caps.

This is made possible because the gardists ( a member of KG) live by the following principles: the party is over when the barrels are empty and it’s never wrong to drink in the middle of the week.

Psss.Psss..Psss Källarkvällar are all inclusive evenmang, meaning you pay for entry and after that drinks, snacks and programme are included and free to enjoy.


Anton Nilsson – Källarhövding