HankEcon is the Economics society at Hanken School of Economics. HankEcon strives for enhancing networking between students and potential future employers. We will make sure that every student is aware of the great possibilities that comes with economics as a major subject at Hanken School of Economics.

For decades our alumni has achieved remarkable positions in the financial sector and academics alike. The board chairman of Nordea Bank, B. Wahlroos took his degree in economics at Hanken School of Economics. Many others after him have taken their master degrees in economics and gained remarkable positions within the field of financial services internationally. Our goal is to make sure that this trend continues during the upcoming years.

In addition to acting as a connection between the business world and our members, we actively participate in discussions regarding economic policies and collaborates with other Economic societies in the Helsinki region. Sharing thoughts and ideas is a crucial condition for a more analytical approach to solutions. That’s why we believe in organizing networking and professional events that help students learn more about future opportunities. Moreover we provide future employees with access to a broad talent pool and the best students at Hanken.