Student life

Wellbeing and sports

On this page you will find more information on the various sports and health services available to students who pay the tuition fee.

UniSport – the students’ own sports centre

UniSport offers students affordable sports and wellness services for a wide range of needs –
whether you want to channel your energy in the gym, challenge your friends to badminton or calm your mind with restorative hatha yoga.

UniSport sports centres are located in Kluuvi, Töölö, Meilahti, Kumpula and Otaniemi. The popular season card gives you access to all UniSport gyms, group exercise classes and ball games groups. Other services include massage, various exercise courses and personal training services.

As a student at Hanken, you also get for example the following services for free:

  • Breakpro break exercise program
  • Carefree shoulders break exercise and videos on
  • Guidance and consulting
  • First training session is free for new customers

UniSport is a workout place with a positive vibe, where everyone can come as they are. The most important thing is the freedom to move in your own way; casually, purposefully or something in between. Read more about UniSport’s services here.

Student health services

Once you have paid your student union fee, you are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). This means that you can visit any of their health stations and receive free or very low-cost health care. For students at Hanken in Helsinki, the nearest FSHS health station is in Helsinki at Töölönkatu 37A and in Otaniemi at Otaniementie 12.
The FSHS offers general health care, oral care and mental health care for students.

Appointments are made by phone and you can find the right number here:

The FSHS also offers the Self service where you can check, cancel and book (when authorized by a doctor) appointments yourself. It is recommended that you start using the Self service as soon as you have paid your fee. The FSHS also has access to OmaKanta, where all your medical history is stored, to ensure the best possible care for everyone.

For more information, visit the FSHS website:

Equality and harassment

Hi there!

We are this year’s Equality and Harassment Ombudsmen! We exist to help, support and promote issues related to equality and harassment. Our names are Frida Winberg and Axel Anderson, and we are both in the board 2023.

Our student union likes to call itself “Finland’s most fun student union”, and our task is to make sure that everyone can feel that this is true. All our members are equally important, which is why everyone should feel safe at our events and in our spaces. We don’t want anyone to feel mistreated or offended. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome at SHS.

If you feel vulnerable in any way, just contact us! You can reach us by email ( or just by coming to talk to us in person. In addition, you can always send an email to us in person. You can contact us if you or someone you know is being treated unequally, violated or harassed. Remember that no issue is “too small” or unimportant to raise, and that all issues you raise with us are confidential!

The SHS Policy document emphasizes the following about equality and harassment at SHS:
´Hanken and SHS are equal and non-discriminatory bodies. Everyone should have the same opportunities and be respected regardless of their situation. SHS has a separate equality policy document that specifies this in more detail. The SHS considers feminism and gender equality to be comparable concepts. In equality issues, SHS chooses to use the word “equality”, as SHS wants to ensure that language issues are taken into account.

You can find the SHS equality plan and equality policy document here.

For a fun and equal student union!

Frida Winberg, Axel Anderson


The Student Union offers many different sports opportunities, and strives to offer our student union members different kinds of activities. Among other things, we have several clubs that organize a wide variety of sports events, as well as our own Sports Committee that ensures that there are different types of activities open to all Hankeites.

As a Hankeit, you have the opportunity to train at Unisport for a very favorable price.

More information about Unisport can be found here:

SHS Products

SHS products can be purchased at IB Bokhandel in the basement of Hanken. IB Bokhandel is also at your service when it comes to all kinds of study materials, copying, printing and the study literature you need.

Our range includes paper, pens, folders and accessories such as envelopes and stamps. We are also happy to help you with your copying and binding of your materials. Here you will find student-oriented products, such as hallmarks, songbooks and student union ribbons, as well as various Hanken items.

IB is conveniently located in Helsinki in the university’s premises at the level of the library’s main entrance. Even at other times, our multifunction devices are at your disposal if you already have printing/copying credits.

NOTE! IB’s summer opening hours are available on instagram

where you can find the latest information on different opening hours, etc. can be found! Ib is also on Facebook, You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail if you have questions: or call 040 3521 387.

We encourage you to always compare prices when buying your study material and welcome you to come and shop for lower prices in your own bookstore!

EC Welcome Dinner spring 2020
EC Welcome Dinner 2019 autumn

Julfest 2019
EC Farewell Dinner 2019
EC Farewell Dinner 2019 autumn

SHS annual ball

SHS Annual Party – The Best Party in the Universe

SHS traditionally celebrates its annual party on February 24, the day when the freedom of enterprise was introduced in Finland. Over 400 students and honorary guests gather for the most solemn and biggest party of all SHS events – the Best Party in the Universe.

The program of the annual party consists of the Solemn Act, the party menu and an after-party with dancing and live music. Festive attire includes a formal suit – tuxedo and evening gown with academic merit badges.

If you already want to make sure you get a free ticket (incl. avec) to the annual party, you can purchase a sponsorship for 1 000€. Email Pontus Kaisti ( for more information and sponsorship packages.

This page will be updated with the latest information about the SHS CXIII Annual Event.