The SupportStudents are here for you! You can contact a SupportStudent if you need
someone to talk to or if you feel lonely. Your matter can be about anything from
studies, routines and wellness, to difficulties finding friends or anything else that feels

The SupportStudents can help you through their own experiences or just by
being there and listening. Below you can find information about the SupportStudents,
and also suggestions on topics that you can talk about with them. However, you can
also talk about whatever else is on your mind. You should never be alone with your
own thoughts, therefore it is always a low threshold to contact a SupportStudent!

A SupportStudent is a voluntary Student Union member, who has participated in a
Mental Health First Aid 2 course. They are people with different backgrounds and
qualities. You can contact anyone of the SupportStudents directly (by mail,
WhatsApp or in person), or by sending an email to, through which
we then match you with one of the SupportStudents. Please mention SupportStudent
in your message when contacting us.

Whatever you tell a SupportStudent is
confidential, and your matter won’t be discussed with anyone else without your
permission. SupportStudents are not professionals, but we can provide support and
can, if needed, refer to a helping instance.

24 years old
5th year student in Commercial Law
With me you can talk about anxiety, performance anxiety and stress.
23 years old
3rd year student in Managment and organisation
With me you can talk about balancing studies and work, change of university, traumatic experiences and substance abuse by a close one

24 years old
4th year student in management and organisation
With me you can talk about anxiety, family relationships, mental health, time management (SupportDog available)
6 months
I like to listen to anything!
I play and I like cuddles, and I will probably give you a kiss or two. I am happy to come with my mother Pippi as an extra support at any time!
23 years old
4th year finance student
With me you can talk about performance anxiety, relationships and self-image