Apply to be a Student Representative on the IR for Financial Economics and Economics!

Do you want to influence your major studies and advocate for student interests at Hanken? Do you want to earn 25€ per meeting? SHS is now seeking student representatives for Hanken’s Institutional Council for Financial Economics and Economics for a term until 31.12.2024. This is a perfect opportunity for you to impact education! The following position is open for application until 12.6.2024 at 23:59:

Institutional Council for Financial Economics and Economics

  • One deputy representative for Finance (Vasa)

Please note that you must be majoring in Financial Economics or Economics to apply for the Institutional Council.

About the Institutional Councils (IR)

To organize research and education, Hanken has four institutions, active on both campuses. An institution is led by a Head and an Institutional Council, with the Head serving as the chair of the council. The Institutional Councils, also known as IR, function similarly to a general meeting for the institution.

The tasks of the Institutional Councils include:

  • Developing, monitoring, and evaluating the institution’s activities
  • Proposing teaching plans
  • Proposing the institution’s budget
  • Proposing a personnel plan for the institution and making proposals regarding the recruitment of teaching and research staff
  • Providing statements on education and research issues upon request
  • Ensuring that Hanken’s quality assurance processes are followed, handling systematic student feedback, and monitoring how students achieve the programs’ learning goals and proposing or implementing necessary changes based on the evaluations

An Institutional Council has nine members in addition to the Head. Three members represent the professors, three represent other teachers and researchers, and three represent the students at the institution. Deputies are appointed for each group. All subjects within the institution must be represented on the council.

As a student representative, you have the opportunity to directly influence your education. Additionally, you will gain experience in meeting techniques and advocacy, the chance to expand your network within Hanken, and a prestigious position to add to your CV. You will also receive a stipend of 25€ per meeting!

In return, you are expected to attend one to two meetings per month, inform the other student representatives about current issues, and be available to students who have questions and concerns about their education.

The position begins immediately after the application period ends and the candidate is approved. The position ends on 31.12.2024, but you do not need to serve the entire term. Send a freely formatted application to no later than Wednesday, 12.6.2024 at 23:59. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Victor Dahlberg

Educational Policy Officer in the SHS Board 2024, 0400322683