The Education Committee Board has been elected

The purpose of the Education Committee Board is to act as an accessible source of brainstorming for the Education Committee presidium, with the aim of being consulted on recruitment, internal operations, development opportunities and coordination of student advocacy. 

The positions have been advertised on the SHS website and have been open to all members of the Student Union. The composition of the Board for the year 2024 is as follows:

Chairman: Victor Dahlberg

Vice Chairman: Jiri Wrangell

UU expert: Axel Andersson

Responsible for the Master’s program: Erik Österlund

Responsible for the Bachelor program: Bertil Eriksson

Responsible for social media and communication: Sebastian Feodoroff

The Education Committee consists of over 40 student representatives whose task is to advocate for students and improve the quality of education. Read more about the Education Committee on