Apply to Källargardet

Have you thought about joining a club in SHS? Do you feel excited about new challenges and new acquaintances? Now is your chance! Källargardet is recruiting new members! Apply for a chance to join our amazing gang an organize Källarkvällar!

Källarkvällar are events in Casas own basement, Legenda! They usually have different themes, such as the 100-club, Beer-Pong, -Khalifa tournament, Caps etc., for a limited number of attendees per party!

So please send a freely formulated application where you tell us a bit about yourself and your interests. KG would appreciate if you answered these questions as well.

  1. Why are you applying to KG?
  2. What would you bring to the table?
  3. If you were organizing a Källarkväll, what would the theme and program be?
  4. If you were a drink, what drink would you be?
  5. Describe a perfect night out, pre-party or afterparty!
  6. Your contact information (phone number & e-mail)

Send in your application to by 18.03.2024.

The application can be a document, PowerPoint, video or other format. Possible questions can be answered by Axel
Ekberg. (+358406304669).