Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 39/2022

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 39/2022
Place: SEB Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 & Microsoft Teams
Time: 7.12.2022 kl 10.00

Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, William Sundell, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton
Mattsson, Selma Lumio, Emma Lindvall, Emilia Granqvist
The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

● Decision on a proposal of 3 student representatives to the SESS board
● Decision on a proposal of 2 student representatives to the SESS governance committee
● Decision on a proposal of an expert member to the SESS board
● Special permission was granted for the Exchange Committee
● Special permission was granted for Casa Nostra

Notification matters

● The whole executive board at SHS has represented at Glöggrundan in Turku and SSHV’s
annual ball and sillis in Vaasa.
● On the Independence Day the students’s parade was organized. Winqvist, the president
of the executive board, gave a speech and board members Lumio, Sundell and Holmberg
helped in the arrangements.

Worked on the business plan and budget
Implementation plan presentation
Representation at the SSHV annual party
Emilia Winqvist
Discussions with board members
Discussion with successor
Arrangement of trainings för board of 2023
Materials for training sessions for new Board

Checked Bezala and Cozone
Prepared material for evening school
Speech to SSHV annual party
Preparations for official meeting
External parties:
Meeting with the Support Association
Discussions with ekonomerna about lounge space
Contact with the housing company
Speech during the students’ torchlight procession
Been after the sponsored products to the student union
Contact about Lucia and its appearance
Contact regarding training for new board
Matters of the management group
Ida Havunta
HaBa work
Represented at Glöggrundan in Turku and Tomtedisco and SSHV annual ball & zillis in Vaasa.
Continuous UPO work
Recruitment of new student representatives
Text to Hankeiten
Meeting with the Presidium
Meeting with SSHV
William Sundell
Had a meeting with a potential new corporate partner
Worked on the Business Committee recruitment
Worked on the last B C event of the year: CotW with SEB
Helped during the Independence Day Fackeltåg
Pippi Blomqvist
Meeting with Folkhälsan about the SupportStudents
Sent SHS’ greetings to FSHS
Written a text to Hankeiter
Represented at Glöggrundan
Represented at Tomtedisco
Represented at SSHV’s annual ball and zillis
Marketing initiatives for the sopo-committee’s and advocacy committee’s recruitment process and SHS
Santa’s Workshop
Meeting with the steering group for Projekt Växthus
Preparations for successor

Jennifer Holmberg
Working with and onboarding of successor
Recruitment actions for the Advocacy Committee
Extensive work relating to the potential English BSc program
Functioned as traffic guide at the students’ parade on the Independence day
Hampus Nordin
Managed the booking calendar
Managed deposits and contracts
Been cheering SHS during the handelskampen against MK
Ordered tables for Casa
Represented at SSHV’s tomtedisco, annual ball and silliz
Anton Mattsson
Updated Social media and the website
Designed material for social media
Supported SHS at Handelskampen
Represented SHS at SSHVs Tomtedisco, Annual Ball and Silliz
Planned the onboarding and education of the new board
Selma Lumio
Preparations for the Student Union glöggen
Preparations for the Independence Day torchlight procession
Acted as security guard during the Independence Day torchlight procession
Represented at Glöggrundan in Turku and Tomtedisco, SSHV annual ball in Vaasa.