Meeting summary

Summary of Executive Board meeting 29/2022


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 29/2022

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 28.9.2022 kl 12.00


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton Mattsson, Selma Lumio and William Sundell 

Meeting opened by chairman Winqvist at 12:05.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The board decided that chairman Winqvist and board member Lumio will represent the SHS at Turun Yliopiston Ylioppilaskunta’s annual ball
  • The board approved a application to use the SHS emblem on the program sheet during the Rector-, Curator- and Inspectorskifte

Notification matters

  • Board member Lumio announced that the members Mattsson and Lumio represented at ÅAS annual ball
  • Member Blomqvist announced that members Blomqvist and Havunta represented at the cadett’s annual ball
  • Member Blomqvist announced that the Union fair was once again organized in the Hanken lobby
  • Chairman Winqvist announced that Hanken Network Day was back again after three years as a physical event and was very popular
  • Member Lumio announced that the first, but hopefully not last, edition of Stadirundan just had ut ticket sale and the tickets sold out in 30 seconds



Coffee with the rector

Student union fair

Emptied the Student Union office

Emilia Winqvist


Preparations for the management group meeting

Management Group Meeting

Contact about PhD students

NCBE issues

External parties:

Meeting with ekonomerna on CRM

Meeting with HUS, AYY, TaiYO on, among other things, the students’ torchlight procession

Matters concerning NCBE

Contact with Finlands Ekonomer

Planned and coordinated UF’s autumn meeting dinner

Contact with housing company


Preparation of various meetings

Materials for the fair

Speech and programme for the change of rector, curator and inspector

Discussion about facilities

Discussion on the development of crisis communication

Discussion about the statutes with Emma

Meeting with the Presidium

Helped with various technical challenges on e.g.

Contact with the committee presidents

Selma Lumio

Prepare practicalities for the Stadirundan ticket release, and the event in general

Held the student union’s booth open

Meeting with Niord regarding alumni activities

Meeting with the Ekonomerna regarding CRM system and alumni activities 

Represented at the ÅAS annual ball

Extra meeting with the board about working methods

Practicalities with Student Union Fair and participated in the fair 

Pippi Blomqvist 

Meeting with SSHV 

Representation at the Hanken Network Day dinner 

Representation at the cadets’ annual ball (MPKKO) 

Work with coordination of Projekt Växthus 

Distribution of the Wellness Survey and work on it and its promotion 

Provided feedback on a survey on social affaairs for SYL 

Tasks of the Secretary General 

Miscellaneous work on Wellness Week and its programme 

Work on equality procedures at the Student Union 

Anton Mattsson

Designed SOME materials for social media and the website

Meeting with SSHV

Marketing of the wellbeing week and the wellbeing survey

Made new SHS accounts

Acted as meeting secretary and written protocolls

Represented at ÅAS annual ball

Meeting with NIORD regarding alumni activities

Helped with the coordination of the Stadi rundan and designed the overalbadge badge

Has together with Hampus moved the union to the Niord site

William Sundell

Meeting with the head of corporate relations at SSHV regarding a possible joint collaborations with a company

Exectued a very successful Hanken Network Day

Finished the Halarteam operations with 26 company logos on this year’s overalls. Celebrated with a cozy AW at Gate A21. 

Ida Havunta

Meeting regarding the premises

Meeting with the Education Committee


Represented SHS at the cadets’ annual ball (MPKKO) 

Meeting with Emmi 

Jennifer Holmberg 

Participated in Kårmässan


Hanken Sustainibility Group meeting 

Coordinated the excursion to Rud Pedersen

Been in contact with Hanken regarding Hanken’s representative in the control group for the survey commissioned by WSC 

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