Summer regards from the student union!

Hi dear member!
Hopefully your tests and assignments have gone well! 
This spring turned out to be very different from what anyone of us could have imagined. The situation has forced us all to adapt and the restrictions has impacted our lives gravely. The way we go to school and see our friends changed seemingly overnight. To do everything from home has not been the best, but we quickly adapted to having lectures via teams and videocalls with our friends instead of seeing them in person.
To do all our school assignments from home and finding a routine has been very hard for most of us, which the data from our questionnaire regarding how Covid-19 has affected your studies clearly stated. Even though we all miss having coffee breaks in the foyer and seeing our friends at Hanken, we all played a crucial part in containing the Coronavirus. Even though the situation is calm in Finland as we speak, we will still have to live with the restrictions for a while.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and as of the 1.6 the restrictions are slowly being lifted and we can start to go back to the lifestyle we are used to. Slowly but surely vi are going towards warmer and sunnier times. The epidemic is not over, but life must go on and we have we continue to adapt to the situation. We are all looking forward to a tie when we kan have coffee breaks in the foyer, and get sweaty from partying at Casa. We hope that this fall we can go back to a more normal studentlife. 
The executive board will continue to work as usual in May. During the summer you can always be in touch with but the response time may vary since because the mail is not frequently checked.
Have a great summer!
The executive board of 2020