Meeting summary

Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s Meeting 14/2019

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 14/2019
Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7A, II floor.
Time: 28.05.2019 at 16:32
Attending: Andreas Lindén, Kristiane Width, Ellen Wulff, Jerker Törnqvist, Emilia
Hattula, Nicolina Massa, Julius Tallqvist
Absent: William Stjernberg, Ingrid Bärlund
The Executive Board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:
– Jonathan Lång was elected CVN president
– Janina Korhonen was elected Hankeit of the quarter
– Secretary General Kristiane Width was granted access to Katso (web service)
– The Freshman Committee was granted 149.50€ in project grant
The meeting ended at 16:50.

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