Meeting summary

Meeting abstract from the board meeting 11/2018

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 11/2018
Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7, II floor.
Time: 4.4.2018 kl. 14.06
Ida Andersén, Christian Nygård, Amos Schalin, Edvard Björk, Filip Styrström, Camilla Mäkinen
The Executive board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

  • John Fast was elected as acting member on the Academic Council
  • A substitute position for the Academic Council has been opened for applications
  • HankAccount has been granted 265€ for their launch event
  • Hanken Yacht Club’s grant application has been declined.
  • Anni Immonen was elected as Hankeit of the Quarter
  • CN was granted permission to stay at Casa until 14.00 on April 8th

The Board’s activities:

  • The Board has participated in Pampas Nationaldag
  • The Board has participated in a Student Council meeting
  • The Board has had their second strategy day
  • Styrström has participated in the Educational Council’s meeting
  • Styrström and Nygård have met Vaasa’s Institutional Council representatives and discussed with them
  • Weckman and Andersén have launched the Students of Hanken campaign
  • Weckman has represented SHS at Teknologföreningens Annual ball
  • Nygård has met with HOAS and discussed with them
  • Nygård has attended a World Student Capital meeting
  • Andersén has organized a strategy day
  • Andersén has organized a President’s committee meeting
  • Schalin has represented SHS at Åländska Studentföreningen i Helsingfors Annual ball
  • Björk has organized a Business Committee meeting
  • Björk has been on a company visit
  • Björk has been at a meeting with Camilla Wardi
  • Björk has been at a meeting with Rasmus Sinnemaa

The meeting ended at 14:55