The Student Union Office

The office at the Student Union

Who can you find at the SHS office?

Welcome to the office of the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics! Among friends, it is referred to as ‘kåren’, but you can also find the employees of SHS here, which is a total of three super awesome people, of which one is fulltime, and the other two are partime workers including the Secterary General, the Financial and Administrative Secretary as well as the Sales Coordinator. You might also find a diligent member or two of the Executive Board, lounging on the couches.

How do you find your way to the office?

Just down the street from Hanken, literally! The adress is Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor #2.

Who in the office should you contact about what?

  • General questions about the Student Union, administrative or other matters, contact the Secterary General ( (read at the moment by the chairman of the board)
  • Questions about Bezala, economic matters of the Student Union and billing, contact the Financial Secretary (
  • Questions about the corporate relations and sales of the Student Union, contact the Sales Coordinator (

Opening hours of the Student Union’s ‘Koppi’

The Koppi is currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus

The Student Union also has a meeting room at Hanken, called the Koppi, which is located downstairs in ‘Skogen’, next to the IB bookstore. Here you can retrieve your student card sticker that is distributed at the beginning of each academic term. You can also get advice to questions related to your student card. We are more than happy to answer whatever questions or thoughts you might have about the student card or SHS!

  • Due to the current pandemic, the student card stickers can be retrivied from the SHS office at Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor #2.
  • Contact the Secterary General by mail to set up a meeting time
  • You can also use the Frank App as your student ID in case you do not want a physical card