Hanken Beer Pong

Hanken Beer Pong

Do you enjoy the feeling when the white ball finally hits the red cup filled with ice cold beer? Are you unbeatable at beer pong? Do you want to party in the best company?

Hanken Beer Pong consists of beer pong enthusiasts who practice, compete and party together. Besides beer pong we like to play other drinking games such as flip the cup and gas gas.

We organize events and tournaments open for all Hanken students. Our mission is to create more versatile events at Hanken and make competitions between other universities with similar clubs possible. Making sure everyone feels welcome and has good vibes is of great importance to us.

Don’t hesitate to send an application if you feel like you would be a good fit to us. We admit a limited number of members each year during January- February.

Win or lose, we booze

Contact: hankenbeerpong@shs.fi