My career journey: Management consulting at Capgemini Invent

Indecisiveness is not always a bad thing

I was one of those students who never had a vision of their dream job or a clear plan for the future. Perhaps as a result, I ended up studying a business degree at Hanken – an alternative which keeps a lot of doors open. Close to graduation, I was faced with the same old question: “What would I become when I grow up?”.  My decision was not made any easier by the fact that I was interested in many different industries and topics ranging from strategy to technology. 

During a guest lecture at Hanken, I had a chance to meet one of my to-be colleagues, who was giving us an introduction to Capgemini Invent and consulting case cracking. It wasn’t until almost a year later when I stumbled upon the job ad on LinkedIn and decided to give it a go – and the rest is history!

A constant learning journey

“Steep learning curve” is something that is often used to describe career as a management consultant. During the last 1,5 years at Invent, I’ve had the chance to work with clients in multiple industries, ranging from telecommunications to energy. Through my projects, I have gained skills in e.g., post-merger integration, process improvement, project management and sales development. Every new project feels almost like an internship in a new company or industry: you’re constantly faced with new challenges and contexts. 

One of the most rewarding parts of working as a consultant is seeing the value-add you can bring to your clients. Already as a graduate-level consultant, you are given your own responsibility areas in client projects, while receiving support from more senior colleagues. Furthermore, it has been inspiring to notice how the contents of my Hanken studies have concretely supported me in the beginning of my career. In addition, every new consultant at Invent receives essential consulting skills training and there is a large number of courses to choose from, which will all support those who are at the beginning of their consulting journey.

There are a few areas that make working at Invent particularly interesting. First is our multidisciplinary approach: in addition to traditional management consulting, our offering combines technology, data science and creative design, which means that you get to work in multidisciplinary teams. Second, our Invent team is truly global with more than 10 000 colleagues in 36 offices worldwide, allowing for global co-operation.

Balance is the key

Consulting is often described as fast paced: projects with strict deadlines, changing client needs and industry trends require consultants to stay alert and adapt. However, I personally think that in order to excel in client assignments, winding down and re-charging are as important. 

What I have truly appreciated at Invent is the commitment to a healthy work-life balance, which has allowed me to take some time to wind down after hectic projects. The second is gender balance: I’ve found it extremely inspiring to be surrounded by many talented and experienced female leaders and colleagues. 

Lastly, a company is only as good as its people. If I’d have to pick one best thing at Invent, that would be the people I get to work with. Emphasis is put on social activities, as joint dinners, afterworks and other activities are great ways to wind down after work (our office’s wellness area with jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool also offer quite nice premises for this 😉).

Interested in a career in management consulting at Invent? Don’t hesitate to be in contact with me or any of my colleagues for a chat!

Siiri Peltola, Hanken alumni