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Sponda – We want to offer our customers space to shine, grow and thrive

In our previous blog post, we introduced our meaningful approach that guides everything we
do, which we at Sponda call Space to Shine. At one end there are employees that are
satisfied with their work, and at the other, customers whose success we support through
top-class service and optimal business premises. Let’s look at what that means in more

We create spaces where our customers can develop, get excited, build something new,
solve problems, and shine
. The most important thing for us is to know how to really listen to
the customer and recognize their needs. In many cases customers do not know exactly what
the ideal office would look like for them, or what types of office solutions are possible these
days. They may have a certain location and the general size range of the office as criteria at
the beginning of the search process. When meeting and discussing with customers we try to
gain an even more detailed understanding of their needs and preferences in order to be
able to provide them with the facilities that best can support their work and success.
Customers always appreciate that their specific needs are listened to and met.

One of the most rewarding things in our work is to succeed in helping different kind of
customers to find the perfect location and premises. We also pride ourselves with offering
highly customised solutions for our customers. When we start leasing negotiations, we
discuss the possible needs for changes to the space already at an early stage.

All in all, we help our customers find the best places to succeed and the facilities that best
serve their employees and support their growth objectives and company culture. But don’t
just take our word for it, here is one of our customers who has found their space to shine.

Our customer, the software development company Zure aims to be the most high-quality
service provider globally in its field. The company wanted to have business premises in the
heart of Helsinki. Zure’s high-quality services are built on teamwork, so the company
wanted the premises to bring people together and the location to be easily accessible from
all directions. There had to be plenty of lunch options and a wide variety of services near the
office. Zure found the perfect premises in the heart of Helsinki, in Citycenter offices.

“If we want to be the best in the field, we need to operate in the best spot. Our brands also
support one another. Sponda builds premium spaces, and we offer premium-level expert
services” (Sakari Nahi, Zure CEO).

You can find more of our customer stories online.

Eetu Kolu
Leasing Manager