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Meaningful work increases occupational wellbeing at Sponda

Employee satisfaction cannot be taken for granted, rather it needs to be seen in the big picture that consists of several parts. At Sponda, the most significant building blocks are meaningful work tasks, rewarding time together, and the opportunity for continuous training. We believe in a positive snowball effect, which we call Space to shine. At one end are employees that are satisfied with their work, and at the other is a customer who is also made to excel through top-class service and genuine encounters. 

In February, Eezy Flow’s Most inspiring workplaces in Finland awarded Sponda as the most improved in the category of small-sized organisations based on the results of an employee survey. How did we get to this? One explanation is stated in our renewed strategy, which was created two years ago primarily on the basis of feedback received from our employees. The starting point for the change was the fact that all Sponda’s employees are aware of the vision we have built together. People noticed that they can have a significant impact on their occupational wellbeing through their own actions. 

For us, occupational wellbeing means more than just occasional events or certain employee benefits. In addition to these, we have wanted to invest in meaningful work and a corporate culture that genuinely creates added value. Despite the exceptional circumstances, we have innovated together and paid attention to communality. A new kind of communality is especially evident in virtual coffee events held every Friday, which bring together all Sponda’s employees at the end of the week. The meeting is a combination of business and casual communality. In addition to the Friday coffee, there has been virtual yoga, cooking activities led by a top chef, carpool karaoke, and the employees have participated in the Kilometrikisa cycling competition, as well as virtual staff parties and events. We aim to pay attention to our employees and celebrate their achievements. One of the high points at our 30th anniversary gala in November was the Sponda Awards where we awarded employees based on staff suggestions.

Together, we have created rewarding practices, and, for example, the number of training courses have been increased significantly in accordance with our sustainability programme. The focus has been strongly on the employees, and we have improved their wellbeing by providing comprehensive occupational health services, employee bicycle benefits, and other comparable employee benefits. 

Experimental corporate culture as a strong base for company development

At Sponda, wellbeing is monitored by various indicators, and commitment is assessed annually through the Eezy Flow employee survey. Just like last year, we achieved a strong result in the recent survey, which wasn’t self-evident as we live in a time of remote work. In the study, we received the most praise from leadership and supervisory work. The work and communality within teams were also mentioned in a positive way. 

The various aspects of employee satisfaction are thus measured, considered and planned. But will theory become practice? Lotta Sirkemaa, who is a student at Aalto University, is undergoing her traineeship in Sponda’s HR team, and has got to experience life in the company for a few months. 

“I’ve been very enthusiastic and motivated to work as the tasks are diverse and the atmosphere is very encouraging. I’ve received praise for the work I’ve done and been given responsibility right from the start of the traineeship. I feel like I’m a valued employee here, and I’ve been treated as any other employee although I work as a part-time trainee. The traineeship programme is well-suited for students as the working hours are flexible to incorporate your studies. Sponda’s working culture is inspiring and encouraging, and the atmosphere is very people oriented!”

Sponda has developed a strong start-up spirit and an experimental corporate culture. Its charm stems from the combination of experienced professionals and younger experts. People have a lot to give one another. Together, we have achieved a great change when it comes to what kind of company we want to be. This is a good place to continue developing our company.

Marcus Reijonen, HR Director (, tel +358 40 779 6024)