The Business Committee is recruiting!

All the ambitious and creative Hankeits out there, look here!

Do you want to contribute to the Student Union’s activities in a tangible and valuable way? If the answer is yes, the Business Committee might be something for you!

The Business Committee is an extension of the Executive Board of SHS, and is responsible for the Student Union’s corporate relations and partners. The Business Committee organises events such as Hanken Network Day and Company of the Week, and is constantly looking for new ways to cooperate with the corporate world. The corporate relations operations is one of the major sources of income for the Student Union.

Some of the Business Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Sales to new potential partners
  • Regular contact with existing partners
  • Planning and administration of events
  • Marketing and PR

If you’re interested in at least one of the above, take the chance and apply to the Business Committee!

The application is to be sent to latest 5.12. Write a freely formulated application explaining why you want to be a part of the Business Committee, why you’re a good candidate and perhaps what kind of role you would be interested in. You’re also welcome to include an idea or a concept that you would like to develop within the Committee.

Don’t hesitate to contact the President of the Business Committee for 2021, Emilia Donner by e-mail or Whatsapp +358400888429 if you have any questions!

Hope to hear from you soon!