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Interning at SEB: Experiences from the Helsinki Internship Programme

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a global financial services group? There is a wealth of opportunities at SEB. Our teams include all kinds of people and there is one thing we have in common: we want to be a positive force in society. We empower people to achieve their goals. Our heritage of entrepreneurship makes us cherish ambition – both in individuals and in businesses.

One opportunity for that is our Helsinki Internship Programme. During the 4,5-month programme interns will get a unique opportunity to learn about banking and gain a thorough understanding of SEB’s business in Finland and abroad. Interns will work in a defined position alongside talented professionals as a part of their home team within our Large Corporates & Financial Institutions division. They will learn about a variety of roles at SEB and build their own network by visiting other departments and teams during the internship. 

We are currently looking for interns to join the Helsinki Internship Programme 2022. The application period is open until September 26, you can read more about the programme and the positions from the job ad:

We asked few questions about SEB from our current interns, Ina Djupsund, Matti Peurala and Erik Kurittu. Read from below how they describe their experiences at SEB. 


Hi Ina, what is your name, study background and what do you do at SEB?

My name is Ina Djupsund. I am a master’s student at Hanken School of Economics, majoring in finance. I am working as an equity research intern at the Helsinki office. My tasks include gathering and analyzing company and market data, performing industry and market research, and preparing research reports. 

What is your advice to someone who is considering applying for an internship at SEB?

My advice is to apply even if you are not 100% sure what you want to work with within a bank. At SEB, you get to meet people with diverse backgrounds. The internship gives you a great opportunity to get in touch with different departments at SEB and get a broad and holistic understanding of banking. 

What is your ambition, and how are you empowered to achieve it at SEB?

My ambition is to get exposure to SEB’s business on a broad scale, in addition to my own exciting projects and tasks within equity research, since this is my first internship at a bank. I think SEB makes this possible by offering us interns opportunities to connect with different departments and it is really easy to approach everyone and connect with colleagues. 


Hi Matti, what is your name, study background and what do you do at SEB?

My name is Matti Peurala and I study Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University. I am a trainee in the Financial Institutions Coverage team in Helsinki. In my work I conduct versatile research and analyses regarding our institutional clients in Finland.

What attracted you to SEB in the first place?

What first got me interested were naturally the interesting internship positions that SEB offers. Prior to applying, I had also visited SEB’s student events. From these events, I got the impression that people at SEB are ambitious yet very down-to-earth. Hence, the decision to apply was easy!

Do you find the culture to be friendly at SEB? And if so, how?

Yes! I have been surprised how much SEB invests in its interns. For instance, several managers have been really willing and proactive in introducing their teams and business to us interns even if we didn’t work directly with their teams.


Hi Erik, what is your name, study background and what do you do at SEB?

My name is Erik Kurittu. I am a fourth-year student at Aalto University. I am currently doing my master’s studies in industrial engineering and management with a major in strategy. At SEB, I work as an analyst intern in our financial strategy team. My work consists of strategic advisory projects on topics such as financing and capital structuring during M&A or large investments.

What positively surprised you when you first joined SEB?

When I joined, I was positively surprised by how actively everyone in the bank introduced me to what they do. I feel that it was very helpful to get to know people straight away as in many projects we work with our colleagues from other teams and also from other countries.

How does your work make an impact at SEB or for customers?

The impact from the work we do is that we are helping our clients to make an impact on their part, for example when financing is linked to the client company’s sustainability objectives.