Important information for you regarding a change in the weighting of the master´s thesis in the degree

Currently the master’s thesis is not included in the grade point average (GPA) at graduation. On 24 November 2020, Hanken’s Education Council decided that the grade given for the master’s thesis will be included in the calculation of the GPA in the master’s degree at Hanken. The decision follows the current national policy and strives to harmonize practices between universities in Finland. The change takes effect from 1 August 2021 and applies to GPAs in all master’s degrees issued from the beginning of the academic year 2021-22. The assessment criteria or interpretation of the grades are not affected, as they still correspond to a five-point scale where 1 = SU, 2 = S, 3 = G, 4 = VG, and 5 = E.

The change will NOT concern you if you submit your thesis, write your maturity test, have completed all other studies for your master’s degree AND apply for your degree certificate on 31 July 2021 at the latest. Then you will graduate within the academic year 2020-21, and your graduation date will be 31 July 2021 (or earlier). Note that in practice you will not receive your actual degree certificate until September. If you apply for a degree certificate by 31 July 2021, you should not pay the Student Union fee or the Student Health Care fee for the autumn of 2021, but register as absent for autumn term 2021-22 while you wait for your degree certificate.

If you apply for your degree certificate after 31 July 2021, your GPA will be affected by the change, even though you may have completed all studies, including the master’s thesis, before this date. The grade (1-5) for your master’s thesis will then affect the weighted grade point average for your main subject, as well as the total weighted grade point average in your degree. Any previously given verbal grade is converted to a numerical grade according to 1 = SU, 2 = S, 3 = G, 4 = VG, and 5 = E. To be able to apply for your degree certificate after 31 July 2021, you should register as present for the autumn of 2021. For this registration, you must pay the Student Union fee, and are obliged to pay the Student Health Care fee to KELA.