IHD2021 is chosen!

Thank you for everyone who applied to our committee! We had a record amount of applications this year, with over 100+ amazing interviews. Therefor choosing the team was really hard. The International Helsinki Days 2021 will consist of: 

Emilia Winqvist (ordförande)

Jon Jokinen (vice ordförande)

Anton G. Mattsson

Benjamin Stendahl

Cecilia Dahlberg 

Emile Roos

Gabriela Gamero Gorostiza

Hedda Hakala

Jasper Karlsson

Jens Tommila

Marika Alkula

Mathias Weckström

Matthews Joy

Nea Engberg

Oscar Rosenlew

Pauliina Harala

Robin Berner

Robin Levänen

Saga Kingelin

Sandra Biström

Wilma Andréasen 

We hope that all of you apply to other committee’s during the fall! Also remember to apply to IHD extended family, as a Host. A Host gets to take part of all the fun and meet our lovely guests.