The Master’s Committee is looking for new members!

The Master’s Committee is looking for new members for the 2018-2019 school year. We are looking for people from all majors and from both the English and Swedish programs, although meetings will be held in English.

What the Master’s Committee does:

  • Integrates new students to campus and to the city
  • Supports academic success
  • Aids in career services (both job and skill related)
  • Creates a community aimed at master’s students specifically
  • Makes sure we have a good time and make good friends here at Hanken!

Given this mix of demands, we need people of all sorts of interests! Want to plan a sitz? Perfect. More interested in setting up an awesome career event? Even better. Passionate about teaching people to unicycle? That’d be a new one, but we’d love to hear more.

Please fill out the following application if you’re interested: