SPONDA – A successful office move needs close employee involvement

What supports business and drives companies forward? Many things, but high up on that list would be modern and functional premises. They are important for organisations strategically and in terms of employee wellbeing. When Sponda decided to implement a project to change its own premises, it was clear that the office should serve as a first-class example of a real estate forerunner’s premises. Central location and nearby services are essential factors in attracting employees to work at the office. 

The recipe for a successful premises renewal project is careful planning, strong employee involvement as well as adequate time allocation. We moved to our new premises in August, but the renewal project started already at the beginning of 2022 when the massive project kicked off with mapping and identifying the needs of the company’s business operations. It was clear that the office would need to look into the future, as well, to ensure it will stand the test of time. The beautiful end result was a brand new office, suitable for working in the world of tomorrow while also respecting the old. The modifiable premises will serve our needs for a long time to come. 

What makes an office move successful? The best results happen when a comprehensive representation of employees from different teams and functions, as well as people doing totally different kinds of work, is included in the design and planning from the start. The best premises reflect the values of the company and support the work being done. Sponda’s values include continuous learning and shared success and to truly reflect these values and genuinely serve our needs, employees needed to be involved in the designing of the premises. 

It is a good idea to start employee involvement at an early stage and keep them involved throughout the whole project. That way, the premises become functional and attractive when the employees can actually see their own handprint in the end result. Strong internal communication is vital for the office move project, to keep people informed of the steps along the way. Any concerns that come up during the process, can then be addressed at an early stage. 

The project was long and demanding, but the best part is seeing how involved people were in developing the premises and our company’s daily life. The staff genuinely took ownership and seized opportunities to make a real impact. Teamwork at its finest!

Marcus Reijonen, HR Director