Lime Technologies – 5 Sales Tips from an Account Manager

Former Hanken student Robin Rewell is currently an Account Manager at Lime Technologies. Robin will now share his best sales tips and his own experiences of working in sales. Robin has been working with solution-based selling at Lime since August 2020 and wants to continue his career in sales in the future.

“Selling feels natural to me and I will definitely enjoy working with sales in the future as well.” 

An inspiring fact about sales is that as a salesperson you can directly influence the growth of your business and the success of your company. This adds motivation for Robin to succeed and is one of the reasons why he considers his work to be meaningful. 

Robin has learned a lot about sales through his experiences and is constantly developing his skills. Here are his best sales tips:

  1. Listen to the customer

This may sound like a cliché but listening to the customer is a sales representative’s most important job. By listening, you understand the customer’s needs and therefore create important trust between you and the customer that will more likely lead to a successful sale.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t assume anything and don’t be afraid to ask about things you are unsure of. This way both parties can have the same expectations during the sales process. The worst mistake a salesperson can do is to notice only during the process that the solution does not meet the customer’s needs. At that stage it might be too late for changing the solution and worst-case scenario, the deal is lost to a competitor.

  1. Believe in the product you are selling

It is easy to sell a product you believe in and to offer a solution that genuinely helps the customer. For Robin it is important that he feels he is helping the customer and that he is able to solve their problems. 

“It is hard to sell something you don’t believe in.”

  1. Practice makes perfect

Sales is a part of everyone’s life, whether it is at work or not. Sales and social skills are always valuable, and as a salesperson, you can easily track the development of your skills by analyzing results. Robin assures that you don’t have to be a professional to apply to be a sales representative. He himself has learned a lot about CRM systems and the IT industry since he started working at Lime. Being a salesperson is fascinating, because a very skilled salesperson can sell almost anything in any industry. To develop as a sales representative, take advantage of your own experience, but also the expertise of your colleagues and supervisors by asking for their support.

“As a sales representative, you are constantly evolving. In one way or another every day.”

  1. Be yourself

There is no perfect mold for a salesperson, so be yourself. Customers will notice if you are genuine and you speak about the product in your own words. You build trust between you and the customer by bringing out your own character and by approaching the customer personally, considering their needs.

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