Reflecting on the Past, Looking to the Future: My Career at Workday

An article by Alexandra Hartung – Regional Sales Director at Workday

…Thinking about my past three and a half years at Workday, I’m surprised how quickly time has gone by—especially in recent months given the rise of COVID-19. As we face challenging times, I think it’s especially important to consider the parts of our lives that matter to us most. 

As I reflect on my career journey, Workday stands out as a career-defining experience. 

Six months ago, I stepped into a new role on Workday’s Sales team: going from an Account Executive (AE) to Regional Sales Director (RSD). As my first people-manager position, this transition has me thinking about what I need to continue growing and what’s important in a career. For me, it’s working with kind and inspiring people, representing an impactful company, and having a management team that leads with values I align with…

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