Masters' Committee is recruiting!

Hi everyone, the Masters’ Committee is now looking for new members! We are looking for people from all majors and from both the English and Swedish programs, although meetings will be held in English. Applications are open until December 1st.
What the Master’s Committee does:
– Represent both Swedish-taught and English-taught Master’s degree students
– Promotes social integration of new Master’s students
– Communicates interests of the Master’s degree students to the administration of Hanken and to the Student Union, SHS
– Connects Master’s degree students to the corporate world
– Maintains the connection between international and Finnish Master’s degree students
– Basically, we try to make the Master’s experience as good as it can be – from academics, to friends, to jobs, and everywhere in between
Given this mix of demands, we need people of all sorts of interests! Want to plan a sitz? Perfect. More interested in setting up an awesome career event? Even better. Have brand new ideas unseen at Hanken before? We can’t wait to hear them!
Please fill out the following application if you’re interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sD5N9Wakb6gExIRfWgEfoDHYksnn1F-vJ-KomRBHies/edit